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What Happen in Year 1

You gained a decent result, but the urgency of spending it on things and travels you desired is freaking you out. Then an adviser of your team gets to calm you down, and you start thinking in your family's and self future more seriously.

What Happen in Year 2

It seems like your account has been growing, and start to think that those kind of returns are serious money to be spent in the future. Then you call your adviser and tell him no to retire a single dime.

What Happen in Year 3

Now your account has been multiplied in value, you start feeling this sensation that anything could happen. How can that be? wealth is grown by hardwork and bloody tears huh?. You start realizing that is not hard work what earns money, is patience and knowledge.

What Happen in Year 4

Life is short and nobody can buy the future. You cut a slice of your big pie and spend it on whatever kind of cars, travels and exotic experiences you've always wanted. After all, wealth is created in order to improve one's life.

What Happen in Year 5

You feel a growing energy inside yourself, you feel more confident and optimistic about your life's goal. Then you realize that life has too many other things you want and deserve. So you start working on your happiness and inheritance to your family and to the world in general.

What Happen in Year 6

This is the time you get absolutely to believe in yourself, something changed inside you, reading books has been a good part of your time lately. Your consciousness has been visiting new places and you want to fulfill new approaches to life. CONGRATULATIONS, now you're an investor that is HoldingProfits.com

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We Accept Accounts Over $10,000.00 USD

We cover 100% of any loss on your principal over a 3 year threshold period.

Account Types

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Account Type Guaranteed 3 Years Threshold Minimum Maximum Comission Threshold% Comission Sign Up
VIP Managed Account %100 of Principal $100,000 USD $1,000,000 USD 5% Above Dow Jones 25% of Gains Register
Junior Managed Account %100 of Principal $10,000 USD $100,000 USD 5% Above Dow Jones 25% of Gains Register
Fixed Income Contract %100 of Principal $5,000 USD $1,000,000 USD 15% 0% Register